Balfour Beatty Rail

OMSL Hunts Path & Lenthay

We have just completed some work on behalf of Balfour Beatty Rail and Network Rail. An upgrade on the Hunts Path and Lenthay sites near Yeovil. Our teams worked tirelessly to facilitate the upgrade of two pedestrian and farmer crossings, by installing pre-cast bases and Vamos units.

For those that do not know, Vamos units are overlay miniature stop light (OMSL) systems, designed to improve the safety at user worked crossings, bridleways, and footpaths. Vamos units are suitable for single or multiple track crossings, they are ideally suited to renewable energy sources as they are extremely energy efficient.

Our work included the installation of fencing and gates for the access and egress, as well as the hard standings, earth mats and pots. We also pulled into ducting over 3km of cable for these sites. A massive thank you to our teams for their hard work.