Balfour Beatty

Portsmouth and Southsea Drivers Walkway

Out with the old and in with the new!

On behalf of our valued client Balfour Beatty, our teams at Seva Rail have just completed replacing the old decaying and dangerous, timber and concrete driver walkways with new, bespoke GRP platforms. This 4-week project had our teams working around the clock to remove the existing walkways and installation of the new platforms.

We began by preparing the 107 foundation boxes in our construction yard using shuttering and steel reinforcement. Removing the old timber and concrete walkways included the handrails and cable trays which involved the use of two Road Rail Vehicles (RRVs) and loading the material onto waste disposal lorries for the waste to be taken off site.

Working with the Balfour Beatty engineers, we located, excavated and installed the shutter boxes complete with steel reinforcing cages, and poured concrete into fill the foundations creating a strong, stable place to anchor the new platforms.

We installed 145 metres of troughing route, providing a safe and secure route for the additional power supplies needed. Lastly, we erected 9 new GRP platforms and 100 metres of GRP driver walkway all with lighting, handrails and bollards which will provide drivers with a new safe route for access and egress.

This was all completed by our teams working around the clock utilising RRVs where possible to get the job finished on time. Amazing work by our teams.