Sevington HOOB Ashford, Kent


Sevington HOOB Ashford, Kent

One of our current projects is based in Sevington, Ashford. This project is on behalf of Network Rail Works Delivery and Balfour Beatty Rail. We call this the Sevington HOOB refurbishment, and the purpose of this project is to allow the Southern Maintenance Delivery Unit to function from Sevington in Ashford.

We have been busily carrying out lots of various jobs including utility installation, drainage, electrical, telecommunications, lighting and even creating access to a brand-new car park. 

Included within the car park area we have installed new lighting columns with A rated efficient lighting.

We have installed over 350m of Armco crash barrier systems (over twice the height of Wembley Stadium!). They were installed to protect pedestrians and vehicles from the future planned train movements. We have installed a break every 40m to provide safe track access/egress. 

We have installed a two road Strail Crossing to allow secondary access into the new depot which will segregate plant and people, minimising the risk of coming into contact.